Sunday, November 2, 2014

Music Discovery: Old Blind Dogs

Old Blind Dogs, Celtic Folk from Scotland

Hello, all. Welcome to another entry in my humble music domain... I've been slacking, but, I've been busy with a lot of things. The love o' my life and I made our status as soul mates official and I've been trying to get the ball rolling in the realms of academia. Anyway, I'm here and writing at the moment, so let me get to this! Thanks to Pandora's generic 'Celtic Folk' station in the 'world' section of genres, today I've come to know this spiffing band by the name of Old Blind Dogs. Getting right to how amazing their sound is, here is the track 'Lough Erne's Shore' from the album Where Yet May Be. The man doing vocals takes the cake for having one of the most ideal 'sharp and sexy' voices I've heard in the genre.

This also takes the cake as one of the coolest album art photos.

This gifted ensemble owes its origin to the great highlands of Scotland. In fact, unlike the vast majority of Celtic bands, they sing many of the tunes and tales of the northeastern regions of Scotland in a dialect native to the Aberdeen area (called 'Doric'.) They've sadly went through members like toilet paper over the years, leaving singer Jonny Hardie as the only founding member still around. Can't say it's harmed their sound AT ALL so far. I've only heard the two albums pictured above, granted, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be exploring the rest. Here is a song from the other album I've had the privilege of hearing (also the one that pandora used to lure me into sampling more from this band.) This is The Cruel Sister from the album Close to the Bone:

That song is so haunting that it makes my skin crawl... but it is such a desirable and poetic motion. The subject matter reminds me of some Finnish tales in some ways... namely making the harp from the bone of her breast. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this entry in this log (which has faced a wee bit of neglect recently.) I do plan to catch up when I have time, however, so stay tuned in and, for now, have some belated TREATS! (This was posted two after Halloween for future viewers.)


It doesn't seem like they have an official facebook... sorry. Good organized band site, though.

I'll leave you for now, but remember as you go forth and forge the stories of your life to set aside the time to live and love, and, lastly, (but not at all leastly,) never forget your roots.