Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 Run-in with a Redbud Tree

 On October 9th, 2014, the family and I hit Dallas, Texas for a concert at, coincidentally, a venue called the Trees. Outside, across the street, I spotted this beauty and absolutely HAD to snap pictures of it. It looked so old and beautiful! The leaves had this wonderful heart-shaped  quality that seemed familiar, but I was not sure where I had seen it before. Thankfully, this shape made the identification process incredibly easy!

Meet the Redbud tree, presumably the Texan variety. When in bloom, these trees are full of vivid pink/purple flowers, which is what the majority of results are for pictures on google. However, I find their lush green state much much more appealing. There's a rugged honesty about them that speaks to me. 'Plant one of me in your yard... plant me...' it says.

Here are some shots of the tree's leaves, bark, and limbs from a closer perspective:

Below is an intimate view of the leaves. Credit to the below picture belongs here.

Ecologically, this tree attracts several species of birds (notably, cardinals) as well as grey squirrels. It draws certain insects that are damaging to the bole of the tree, so if planting one, this may need to stay in check. However, the blooms are a plentiful source of honey for local bees, so I endorse planting these if you support the bee protection movement! The bark has also been documented as usable in the treatment of dysentery, 

Also, for identification purposes, here is a shot of the flowers of the Texas Redbud tree when they are in bloom! The picture credits are built in to the picture.

Happy autumn, everyone! Get outside and live a little!
~ Matthew Damaru Hammond ~

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