Friday, September 19, 2014

Music (re)Discovery: Delain

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Delain, Symphonic Metal from Netherlands

In truth, this is only partly a new discovery, but I'm lumping it into this category. I've known the band Delain for awhile, since my man Marco Hietala (from Tarot, Nightwish, Northern Kings, a.o.) featured on two tracks on their 2008 album April Rain. I liked them at the time, but I never really pursued getting well versed with the rest of their material. I've only recently (thanks AGAIN to Napalm Records' Female Fronted Metal playlist) stumbled back upon them and their new album, Human Contradiction. 

I've had this article pending on my list to do for a month or so (with many others... I'm lazy) but when I realized they'll be opening up for Sonata Arctica on the North American tour (which we're hitting WITH MEET THE BAND PASSES in October, not to brag) they were catapulted up the list to top priority. I can't wait to see them! Anyhow, the song that I encountered first on the playlist has a beautifully colorful video. It's a little green screeny in the end, but not so hokey that it takes away from the enjoyment. Check out the official video, Stardust:

Because my first reaction as galaxies form all around is to look thoroughly unenthused.

I salute a woman fronted a metal band without the use of vocal gimmicks like opera or death screaming--although I love those gimmicks too, they're just trending at the moment. That song isn't as heavy metal as a lot of what I have posted (and will post in the future) but it makes me very happy, even if the subject matter is a little bleak. Those colors... I do have a penchant for pretty colors... And isn't she a looker?

Anyhow, onto a song with even bleaker subject matter. This next one that I'll be sharing is about the medication industry/racket that's going strong in this day and age and it drives home its point with blunt fearlessness. Oh, and, remember how I mentioned that Marco Hietala had previously sang with them on their '08 album? He's in this one too! Give a listen to the official lyric video for Your Body is a Battleground:

"One for every monster under your bed..." That line. I love it so. Anyway, I've got places to go, people to see, things to do (other things to write, to be more honest) so I'm going to leave it with this. I hope to see more from Delain as time goes on, and I can't wait to see them a few weeks from now! Have some links!

See you folks later. For now, listen to more music!

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