Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Music Discovery: Huntress

Huntress, Heavy Metal from the U.S.A.

This is a late double feature from Napalm Records' Female Fronted Metal playlist that I mentioned so much in the past. Hailing from the underground scene of Highland Park/Los Angeles, California, these folks combine a Judas Priest like driving heavy metal with elements of thrash and amazing vocals. Full of rebellion and attitude, let me issue a warning: They are NOT for the faint of heart. Their lyrics are packed with reference to drugs and violence (and, at least in one song on Spell Eater album, something I won't repeat here and never condone the usage of) and they really could care less what you think about that, either. That being said, if you like Arch Enemy, you'll probably like this band.

First, I'd like to gush over Starbound Beast. The first song I had the privilege of hearing, Zenith, sounded amazing. Then, if you read up on the lyrics and meaning, there is actually a story hidden under all of the drug references: one about ascension into the star in the eye of the constellation Taurus. So, points for substance. Anyhow, the other thing that commands complete attention about this song is its trippy video. It'll make you feel like you're baked, but its a lot of fun at the same time:

Man, if they ever remade Attack of the 50 Foot Woman...

What'd I tell you? Trippy. I love it, though. Anyway, their sound is consistently killer throughout the whole album. There is an album sampler on Napalm Records' channel (as of posting this, anyway) if you'd like to hit that up. I am, however, moving onto their Spell Eater album, which comes before Starbound chronologically. This album features a gruffer side to front woman Jill Janus's vocals, which I love just as much. In one of the songs, Eight of Swords, she sings about the titular tarot card and prooves that she has a real understanding of its symbolism and purpose, which made me totally swoon. This song, Spell Eater, is the one I've decided to showcase:

Moral: Don't drink unlabeled fluids given out by a shady guy in the desert.

Jill Janus admitted to using her sex appeal to boost the band into the spotlight, and, as with everything else, could care less what people think about it. I think it's safe to say that most of us don't mind that one bit. A month ago, I got pretty excited when I found a Huntress song sitting in my music library from some Napalm Record sampler pack I picked up somewhere. I had it without knowing how great it was. All hail free samples!

Anyway, I can't wait to get these two albums and see where the band goes with their style next. They may be way too hardcore for some pale and frail metal nerd like me to fit in with, but I'll be damned if that'll stop me from listening to good music. Really, though, I'm pretty sure I'd get beaten up at one of their concerts.

Anyhow, links away!

Go forth, and headbang yourself silly. \,,/

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