Sunday, August 3, 2014

Music Discovery: Diabulus in Musica

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Diabulus in Musica, Symphonic Metal from Spain

Zuberoa Aznárez
Singer and Founder

       Greetings! This is another entry inspired by Napalm Records' awesome Female Fronted Metal playlist. The name Diabulus in Musica (those v's are u's in proper latin) refers to the term of an interval in music theory that is known for its dissonance. Not surprising that the founder of this band knew a thing or two about music theory, given her opera skill set. Her name is Zuberoa Aznárez, by the way, which is only the coolest name for a female metaller that I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, I'm kind of battling a crush on her at the moment!

 Anyhow, this band is full of powerful vocals, both opera based and not, and amazing synth. I literally loved this band from the moment I heard their first song trigger on that playlist. That song was Inner Force. Seriously, listen to that synth that kicks up right out of the gate, then pay close attention to the chorus, because I want you to see the face that I fell in love with. 

You know you're looking at a damn fine keyboardist when they've worn the black off their keys.

The entire album has such a unique blend of elegance, culture, and metal. A knowing ear can hear Moorish elements hidden within some of the songs on this album. Some of the songs are in Spanish, and boy, she makes it sound so beautiful in song. Thanks to her and Leo Jiménez, I really want to learn Spanish! Oh, I guess I got carried away with myself. This album is called Argia, and it explore all kinds of musical themes in it. Seriously. Check out this sampler, courtesy of their record label:

I also guess I forgot to mention my usual 'if you like so and so, you might like these guys' bit. Sorry, slave to the addiction and I had to ramble about Zuberoa. I'd say... if you liked my post about Xandria, and in turn, if you like Nightwish, Epica, and bands of that general styling, this is a unique new venture in that broad category that I promise you is worth every second. Here, have some links, my minions! Go forth and spread the metal:

Farewell, my friends, and remember, LISTEN TO MORE MUSIC!!

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