Friday, August 29, 2014

Music Discovery: Pendulum

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Pendulum, Drum and Bass group from Australia

Australia impresses me once again with their contributions to the electronic scene. I listen to my fair share of electronic based music, but the many many subgenres and subgenres of subgenres are a maze of which I have not mastered the navigation of yet. That being said, this is my first knowing venture into the field of Drum and Bass. If you like Glitch Mob (and, as I understand it though I haven't listened to them yet due to their offputting name, Knife Party), you'll like these guys. 

Or, alternatively, if you recall this boss fight and loved its anthem like I did...

I found these guys by total accident. I'm collecting pictures of my favorite album art for a slideshow to go on the upper right of this page. I've been using amazon as my prime source (puntastic) of pictures; I was using until I realized they just pull their pics from amazon. Anyway, I punched in Glitch Mob to get a picture of their Drink the Sea album when I saw this BEAUTIFUL album: Pendulum's Immersion. Intrigued, I clicked on it and scrolled down to their track list to do some previewing. There, at the bottom, I see at the end of a track title 'feat. In Flames' and I dropped my jaw. Whaaaat? A techy band collaborating with In Flames?? So I hit up youtube, where I found this amazing song:

A dose of Raggae never heard anybody! Well, Jamaican accent, rather. That may have been racist.

In the 'you might also like' ui that pops up at the end of that video, I encourage you to click on 'Crush', it's pretty freaking awesome too. Most of that album was very motivating and impressive. I'm stoked to be able to add a band to my list of great electronic artists. Although their sound is, in general, pretty different, you might also check out Empire of the Sun, who I will be running a showcase on at some point. They, too, are electronic artists from Australia... although they have a very strong disco theme too.

Anyway, heeeere's LINKIES:

And, as always, drop more bass! I mean... listen to more music!!
P.S.: I understand its not dubstep, but I said it anyway. Sue me.

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