Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Music Discovery: Tristania

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Tristania, Gothic Metal from Norway

Actually, I'm not sure what it is, exactly. I also see this classified as doom metal and symphonic metal. Anyway, who cares. Another wonderful band delivered to me at the hands of Napalm Record's Female Fronted Metal playlist. If you haven't clicked on the link to that yet, then make an empty slot in your schedule and plan on it, because most of what is on it is awesome. Really, you'll thank me.

I recently finished previewing their 2010 album Rubicon. This one, to me, seems on the side of Gothic Metal in that it isn't driven by hardcore riffs or heavy drumming, falling more on good smooth music, and the male vocals are deep and bass-like in that Charon kind of way. (I should do a Charon spotlight some time...) Anyway, the album was great, and may be the first Gothic Metal album I add to my collection. It's definitely hitting the wishlist.

Mariangela Demurtas, the (new) lead singer of Tristania.

We all know, especially where the internet is involved, that haters are gonna hate. This is one of those cases where hardcore fans are not taking the new lead singer well, and they have revolted strongly in their united butthurt. That being said, let me go ahead and clarify: I have not heard anything of Tristania's that is not this album, and when I have expanded my horizons, I'm still not going to compare old with new. I just don't roll that way. I like it or I don't. 

Moving on, I found a Napalm Records free sampler thing that I downloaded from amazon awhile back in my library, and, lo and behold, I found that the bundle included Tristania's Year of the Rat! I absolutely adore this song. It gives me chills, more often than not, even when I loop it. Finding that I can already put it on my ipod? That made my freakin' day. Really, give this song a listen:

Anybody else wonder why she didn't just stand up in those strings?

It makes me pretty uncomfortable when she says '(do) you feel the chill that just crept down your spine?' ... I swear, every time, I get chills there, and it feels like she's psychic or they're speaking right to me or something. I don't have a torn blue raincoat though, so I think I'm safe. (Also mentioned in the song.) Anyway, cheers to Tristania, old and new, as at least this album has made my crowded to-buy list and made simultaneously made my day. 

Now go forth, and spread the metal:

By the way, this guy must have really liked this album.

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