Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Music Discovery: Nocturnal Rites


Nocturnal Rites, Power Metal from Sweden

So, back to metal for now. This one came to me through Pandora radio, from my 'Avantasia, Sonata Arctica' station. That being said, if you like either of those bands, or perhaps Thunderstone, Stratovarius, Firewind or Primal Fear, among others, you will probably dig these guys. I heard several hits from these two albums and each one was amazing. Nocturnal rites is a power metal band inspired in ways by 80s arena rockers. I mean, look at that hair. That sexy, sexy hair:

Metal hair generates its own glorious light, even on cloudy days.

I absolutely adore these two albums. Grand Illusion is the first album I sampled from, thanks to Pandora, and I'm outright in love with it. It's name reminds me of Styx, but hey, I love Styx. Saw them live here in Hot Springs, AR. Anyway, back to the band at hand. The 8th Sin album is appropriately named, being their 8th release since their beginnings back in 1990. Man... can you believe that was over twenty years ago? These guys have aged with killer grace though. I mean, give this track a listen and you'll see how they fuse old school metal with modern style and powerful originality. This is called Still Alive, and it is off of Grand Illusion:

This entire video is like a dramatic live action selfie.

At one point in that video, I swear the drummer is using his head to hit his symbol. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, I'm going to throw down some links, because if the sexy album art didn't make you throw your wallet at the screen, then I'm sure the sound of their music did. If you're like me, the album art was enough! Have links, my pretties:

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